Hickel, S., Adams, N.A. (2006)
European Series in Applied and Industrial Mathematics 16: 66-76. doi: 10.1051/proc:2007008

The adaptive local deconvolution method (ALDM) [Hickel, Adams and Domaradzki. J. Comp. Phys., 213:413436, 2006] provides a systematic framework for the implicit large-eddy simulation (ILES) of turbulent flows.  Subject of the present paper is a modification of the numerical algorithm that allows for reducing the amount of computational operations without affecting the quality of the results.

Computational results for isotropic turbulence and plane channel flow show that the simplified adaptive local deconvolution (SALD) method performs similarly to the original method ALDM and at least as well as established explicit subgrid scale (SGS) models. Exploiting numerical truncation errors, the SGS model of ALDM is implicitly contained within the discretization. An explicit computation of model terms therefore becomes unnecessary.