M. Meyer, S. Hickel, C. Breitsamter, N.A. Adams (2013)
AIAA paper 2013-3037. doi: 10.2514/6.2013-3037

Industrially applied Computational Fluid Dynamics still faces a challenge when it comes to the accurate prediction of the complex flow over realistic highlift configurations. In this paper we demonstrate that the flow over the 3-element RA16SC1 highlift configuration can be efficiently and accurately predicted with Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation (ILES) on Cartesian adaptive grids.

In ILES the truncation error of the numerical discretization itself functions as an implicit Sub-Grid Scale (SGS) model. To prove and enable industrial application of ILES, the underlying Cartesian grid of this simulation has been automatically generated and refined for resolving the relevant flow features. The wall-boundary condition is applied with a second-order Conservative Immersed Interface Method (CIIM). Efficiency is further increased by modeling near-wall turbulence based on the Thin-Boundary-Layer Equation (TBLE). The good agreement with the respective experimental results underlines the suitability of this CFD approach for industrial applications.