S. Hickel, L. Weynans, N.A. Adams, G.-H. Cottet (2007) 
European Series in Applied and Industrial Mathematics 16: 77-88. doi: 10.1051/proc:2007014

The numerical truncation error of vortex-in-cell methods is analyzed a-posteriori through the effective spectral numerical viscosity for simulations of three-dimensional isotropic turbulence. The interpolation kernels used for velocity-smoothing and re-meshing are identified as the most relevant components affecting the shape of the spectral numerical viscosity as a function of wave number.

A linear combination of well-known standard kernels leads to new kernels assigned to the specific use for implicit large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows, i.e. their truncation errors acts as subgrid-scale model. Numerical results are provided to show the potential and drawbacks of the approach.